Easy Sleazy 

It’s all the little things that accumulate and weigh me down, today I feel it particularly heavy. There were a few hours where I was able to focus on something else but now it’s unavoidable, I need to get it out somehow. The gym wins.

The cloud of depression and self-loathing is very opaque this week, like a blackout curtain covering every inch of my being, it feels suffocating, breathing under water is not one of my skills.

This void in me, I will fill it up with very loud QOTSA on repeat and see what happens. Maybe I’ll act on my primal instincts, live dangerously, if I really listened to my inner fool, I would drink myself into a stupor and forget all responsibilities but if I start down this path, I know I’ll never come back.

Alcoholism can be a dry path, difficult to face up to this truth.

Trust that I am loved, worthy.


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