Split Second

Life can change so quickly, I’ve heard this often and although I believe it, I never really paid much attention to it. On the day of infinite possibilities my life was rocked by a twenty six year old guy and his pickup truck. Maybe he was distracted by his phone, maybe his mind was on personal troubles, maybe he was eager to get his morning coffee. No matter what the reason, he didn’t break and rammed his heavy duty truck into my little Honda Fit. I am still in shock that my car is gone. That car took me places, from the desert of Arizona to the beautiful coast of California, from the Canadian Shield to the groovy Rockies and down to the beautiful British Columbia coast. We drove on the sandy beaches of Washington state and got lost in Oregon. That car was my shelter when I was homeless and my faithful companion on lonely road trips. 

I drive a rental while I sort out the insurance obstacle course, other drivers probably think I drive like a grandma, I keep a really safe distance from the other vehicles on the road, I go slow, I’m cautious and a bit weary of the cars and trucks in my rear view mirror. 

My life is changing and I accept it but I don’t like that it was forced into  change by someone that didn’t seem to care about what he had done. He never came to see if we were hurt, injured. Never came over to apologize for his insouciance in the matter. 

Today I’m contemplating how I can slow my life down without becoming a fearful human, I want to keep being active and keep exploring and learning. 

Life’s too short to waste it away on negative energy and on getting even. 

Let’s go out and have fun!


4 thoughts on “Split Second

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re ok. People all over the place are so distracted, and in a hurry. Positive vibes. New beginnings Andre a new car! ❤️

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